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Tenafly is a borough in eastern Bergen County and was incorporated in 1894 from portions of the now-gone Palisades Township. Tenafly’s appeal centers around their outstanding schools, great houses, outstanding recreation facilities and the town’s proximity to New York City.


In 2008, New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Tenafly as the 65th best place to live in New Jersey. Tenafly boasts some of the best schools in the state with the High School regularly making the top 10 list. In addition, Tenafly has a vibrant town center full of boutique restaurants, stores and the former train station that has been converted into a quaint café.


Tenafly is just 12 miles from New York City and offers several commuting options. Bus service to and from New York City is available via New Jersey Transit bus routes 166, and Coach USA (Red and Tan) routes 9, 14, 20, and 84. With such a short distance, many residents also prefer to drive into NYC. In addition, there are plans in the near future for a potential rail road to run into Tenafly, increasing transportation options for commuting.

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Population: 14,504

Population change since 2000: +5.1%

Zip code: 07670

Median Family income: $115,715

Median House Value: $709,608

Median Real Estate Property Taxes: $10,001


Ancestries: Irish (11.1%), Russian (8.7%), Italian (8.6%), United States (7.9%), German (7.8%), Polish (6.2%).

Land area: 4.61 square miles.

Population density: 3145 people per square mile

Median resident age: 41.8 years


Public high school in Tenafly:

Tenafly High School


Public elementary/middle schools in Tenafly:

Tenafly Middle School

Ralph S Maugham School

Walter Stillman School

J Spencer Smith School

Malcolm S Mackay School

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